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The advantages of advanced ceramics

In comparison to metals and polymers, ceramic material is the obvious choice for use in extreme conditions: severe changes in temperature or pressure, corrosion, particularly if these conditions present themselves at the same time or over a prolonged period of time

Ceramaret sells oxide-based advanced structural ceramics, principally alumina and zirconia. 

The general properties of ceramic material present the following advantages:
  • High wear, heat, pressure, and chemical attack resistance (gas and liquids)
  • Extreme hardness
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Relatively lightweight

The selection of raw materials is made on a case-by-case basis, based on performance requirements while optimizing production costs. Cost savings are all the more significant as the production process is repetitive, even for a large number of parts to be produced.

Shaping is done by pressing the ceramic powder to obtain parts as close to final dimensions as possible without machining. Ceramaret is thus able to reduce the number of onerous secondary processes.

Densification takes place inside a high-temperature furnance (>1,500°) during sintering.
Extreme dimensional or geometric tolerances (micron range) are obtainable through an additional machining process, namely material removal by abrasion using diamond-based techniques.

Enhance performance and durability

Why replace metal with ceramics?  

Ceramic products are exceptional and have an amazing range of properties. In many cases, products or joints made from ceramic materials possess resistance higher than or comparable to that of hardmetals, together with tribological properties and superior electrical and thermal insulation capacity. Ceramic materials have less physical limitations than other materials and thus enhance the performance of your product. Corrosion- and wear-resistant, ceramics prolong the life of your product. 

At Ceramaret, each project is analyzed by a team of experienced technicians who will carefully examine your needs. A solution will then be proposed, often consisting of several stages, whether it be for your prototypes, pre-series, or series production.