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High Precision Parts in Advanced Ceramics
Improve the quality
and the life of your products


Ceramaret - Céramique

High Precision Parts in Advanced Ceramics
Improve the quality
and the life of your products


High Precision Parts in Advanced Ceramics
Improve the quality
and the life of your products

"The main advantage for our clients is our ability to understand and resolve problems at all stages of the project, from prototype engineering to the mass production of high-precision advanced ceramic parts."

Ceramaret expertise

Ceramaret—An expert in all stages of the production process

Ceramaret designs and manufactures components from ultra-hard materials such as advanced ceramics (zirconia, alumina, silicon carbide and silicon nitride) as well as synthetic sapphire and ruby. Its recipe for success: the expertise of 300 employees, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, and rigorous standards for quality.


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Ceramic Day

Dates for the forthcoming technical ceramics
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Technical Ceramics

Unique capabilité de fabrication additive

Exceptional capacity of additive manufacturing for technical ceramic components

by admin essence | Jan 16, 2024
Ceramaret is the only company in Europe that can produce alumina and zirconia components using inkjet printing.
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Head site web-Dental with logo

Engineering excellence in the production of technical ceramics

by admin essence | Jul 13, 2023
From machining to grinding to additive manufacturing, the production of technical ceramic parts is a complex process, whether they are destined for the watchmaking or medical sectors. This unique knowledge, developed over more than a century at Ceramaret, requires the expertise of different teams.
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Céramiques - Dispositifs médicaux

Ceramics are becoming strategic components for innovative medical devices

by admin essence | Aug 24, 2022
Over the last decade, the technological progression of implantable medical devices has been extraordinary. Implantable electrical devices such as pacemakers, cardiovascular defibrillators, implantable multichannel neuromuscular stimulators and cochlear implants have become widely accepted and used.
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Alumina Platelet Toughened Zirconia No Aging


High-precision advanced ceramic components from Ceramaret enhance product quality and durability.

The key benefits of advanced ceramics include: 
  • Excellent resistance to wear, heat, pressure, and chemical attack (gas and liquid)
  • Extreme hardness
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Exceptional tribological properties
  • Low specific weight

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Technical Ceramics applied to your industrial requirements

Enhance performance and durability of your products



Ceramaret supplies products for both diverse and specialized applications.


Ceramaret specializes in the precision machining of ultra-hard materials

Ultra-hard materials machining (alumina, zirconia, composites, ruby, and sapphire) requires special expertise and equipment. In addition to that, Ceramaret guarantees the quality of all its products as well as health and safety compliance as set out in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 13485.

Polissage Maret
Ruby and sapphire machining 

Are you interested in a specific application or do you need additional information? Please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll get back to you without delay.