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Ceramaret components for the medical industry

Medical instrumentation

Working closely with its clients active in medical instrumentation, Ceramaret has designed and manufactured biocompatible components from hard materials such as advanced ceramics (aluminum oxide  Al2O3, zirconia ZrO3, silicon nitride Si3N4 und silicon carbide SiC ), ruby and sapphire.The exceptional properties of these materials are ideal for applications that require high resistance to wear (friction, corrosion), heat and compression, as well as for applications requiring high dielectric strength. 

Ceramaret meets the requirements of medical device manufacturers through its many certifications (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 et ISO 13485).

At Ceramaret, each project is analyzed by a team of experienced technicians who will carefully examine your needs. A solution will then be proposed, often consisting of several stages, whether it be for your prototypes, pre-series, or series production.

Insulators for endoscopy devices

Insulators for medical instrumentation are manufactured in accordance with client specifications and are required to regularly undergo reliability testing as to robustness.

Ceramaret - Ceramic encapsulation for neuro-stimulator

Cases for neurostimulators

In its search for non-magnetic solutions, the neurostimulation device industry has been focussing on finding non-metallic casing solutions. The properties of ceramic, particularly its strength and biocompatibility, make it a natural choice for replacing traditional titanium enclosures.

Feedthrugh Ceramic High Precision

Feedthrough insulators

Known as electrical insulators with excellent biocompatibility, ceramic is the material favored for use as electrical insulators incorporated into surgically implanted or external stimulators.

RF Surgical Instrument

Precision ceramic components

Ceramic is the ideal material for manufacturing small insulating elements incorporated into surgical or dissecting instruments

Ceramaret - Ceramic implant 2

Dental implants

Ceramic dental implants are the perfect solution for treating patients at risk of rejecting a conventional titanium implant. Increasing numbers of patients are showing an interest in alternatives to metal which offer much better cytotoxicological, histological and biochemical properties than titanium.