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Quality control


Quality control

 The strict quality requirements imposed by our customers are systematically checked at each stage of the production process by our highly qualified staff. They are the front line in our quality system, taking responsibility for its implementation.

 Ceramaret's resources include the very latest generation of inspection equipment and measurement systems, which enable us to perform highly precise dimensional and geometric measurements, quantification of surface finishes, and 3D verification using CAD volumes.

 Depending on customer requirements, AQL or 100% inspection procedures guarantee the compliance of our production.

 Integrated management system

 The quality processes implemented by our organisation are supported by an integrated management system, and are recognised by our certifications under the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ISO 13485.

This aspect is an integral part of our corporate strategy and demonstrates our desire to ensure we continue to meet the high standards crucial to our customers whilst integrating social responsibility, including both the environment and health and safety at work, into our production. 
ISO Certifications 9001, 14001, 45001 - Ceramaret SA
ISO Certification 13485 - Ceramaret SA
ISO Certification 9001 - Ceramaret GmbH
ISO Certification 13485 - Ceramaret GmbH
EC Certification Council Directive 93/42 - Ceramaret GmbH

Respect of the RoHS directive

 Ceramaret checks with its suppliers to ensure that all components integrated into the products supplied comply with the RoHS directive (EU Directive 2011/65/EC). This means that Ceramaret is able to provide a declaration of conformity upon request.

Conflict mineral

Ceramaret SA confirms that all designated materials are processed exclusively by reputable manufacturers which are certified by independent bodies. We have obtained from them the certification that they do not use conflict minerals originating from the Democratic Republic of Congo or any of the countries of Angola, Burundi, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and the Central African Republic. Ceramaret SA itself does not engage in imports of so-called “conflict minerals” such as tantalum (Coltan), gold, tin or wolframite and their derivatives.

Use, end-of-life treatment, and final disposal of our products :

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