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Jewel machining

Ceramaret - Usinage Maillard

Machining of ruby and sapphire

Thanks to our decades-long experience in the machining of hard materials, we have become a leader in this specialized field.

We manufacture parts of the highest precision based on client specifications and propose a comprehensive solution for the completion of your project, from the design stage to the finished product.

Distinct products out  of ruby and sapphire

Ceramaret SA is specialized in the precision turning and boring of ruby and sapphire, as well as other hard materials such as ceramics. These products have found wide applications in the following cutting-edge domains: 

  • Ruby jewel bearings in watchmaking (e.g. pierced stone) 
  •  Ferrules for fiber optic applications
  • Ruby insulators for medical instruments and Equipment
  • High performance water-jet orifices
  • Other industrial purposes