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Work at ceramaret (Bôle)

To achieve its objectives, Ceramaret counts on the skills of its employees, in combination with high-performance production equipment. Our success depends primarily on the professional and human qualities of our employees.

At Ceramaret, our employees have the opportunity to develop skills and unique know-how in a rapidly expanding field. Thanks to its exceptional properties, technical ceramic is a futuristic material meeting the most stringent requirements, in particular in the field of high precision. 

For this reason, Ceramaret offers its employees a dynamic and stimulating working environment, keeping human aspects at the centre of its concerns.

Why choose Ceramaret SA ?

Work times

  • Flexible working hours arrangements, thanks to annualised working time
  • An extended end-of-year holiday between Christmas and New Year, to celebrate with your family or friends
  • 5 or 6 weeks' holidays, depending on age


  • Wages in line with the job market
  • Contribution to private medical insurance scheme
  • Additional family allowances
  • Excellent LPP cover (professional pension scheme), with 60 % of contributions covered by the employer
  • Generous support for maternity and paternity leave

Working environment

  • Modern premises and high-performance production equipment, to provide ideal working conditions
  • Well-equipped recreation and meeting areas
  • Hot drinks available for free for all personnel
  • A corporate canteen offering varied, high-quality menus at a discount price, in a friendly setting
  • An easily accessible site, close to railway stations and bus stops

Personal development

  • Opportunity to develop advanced skills in a rapidly expanding field
  • Participation in continuous professional training
  • An in-house continuous specialist skills training programme
  • Participation in demanding projects instils variety in the job, and pushes employees out of their comfort zone

Day-to-day features in the job

  • Emphasis on autonomy and personal responsibility at all levels
  • Participation in the continuous improvement process
  • Accessibility of the management: we all know each other!

Health and wellbeing

  • Locally produced fresh fruit, and free mineral water
  • Internal management placing priority on health and safety
  • Sponsorship of our employees at sports events

Quality of life at Ceramaret

  • Periodic satisfaction surveys of all staff
  • Gifts for each employee to mark family events such as marriage or the birth of a child, or on special occasions
  • Festive events open to all
  • Length of service valued
  • Support for regional institutions and local events