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Ceramaret, a high-precision advanced ceramics specialist


Ceramaret designs and manufactures components from ultra-hard materials such as advanced ceramics (zirconia, alumina) and synthetic sapphire and ruby.

Ceramaret enables clients and partners to benefit from its decades of experience in the shaping and machining of advanced ceramics and hard materials. We are committed to providing smart, sensible, and innovative solutions. Your technical requirements are met within your budget, taking into account the impact on the environment and compliance with safety requirements.

Today, components produced by Ceramaret have become internationally recognized for their quality and unmatched performance.


For over a century, Ceramaret has dedicated itself to manufacturing and polishing parts in hard materials. Founded during the industrialization of the watchmaking sector, Ceramaret has been successful in opening itself up to new technology thanks to a visionary development. 

Formerly called Maret SA, a family owned business established in Le Locle in 1907, it relocated to Bôle in 1952. The size of the factory was increased over time. Maret SA also expanded its operations into the manufacturing and machining of components from ultra-hard materials. In 2005, the company changed its name and became Ceramaret SA, reflecting its focus on advanced ceramics. Maillard Frères SA a company specialized in the drilling, boring, and turning of synthetic ruby, sapphire, and other advanced ceramics, joined the Ceramaret SA group in 2009.This entity has been fully integrated into Ceramaret SA in 2016.

After having been controlled by the Maret family for three generations, the company became part of the industrial group MK Holding SA from 1991 to 2013. MK Holding was founded by Mr. Martin E. Knechtli. Through his strong personal commitment he gave the company its actual footprint in the field of advanced technical ceramics. Under his leadership Ceramaret could further innovate and grow to its current size, while doubling the number of employees.

Since the 1st of January 2014, Ceramaret SA has been part of the KOWEMA AG group in Rotkreuz (ZG).

In February 2017, Dr. Gilles Robert took over the role of CEO. In September of the same year, the company celebrated its 110th birthday.

In order to expand its presence in Germany Ceramaret SA acquired MicroCeram GmbH in Meissen. This acquisition allowed Ceramaret to find a high-quality local partner with  complementary technologies in attractive markets.