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Press release

02 May 2018

Acquisition of MicroCeram GmbH from Meissen, Germany

Ceramaret SA based in Bôle, Switzerland, is delighted to announce the acquisition of MicroCeram GmbH from Meissen, Germany. This transaction was completed on April 27, 2018 with retroactive effect to January 1, 2018.

Ceramaret, a leader in the design and manufacture of high precision components in advanced ceramics for analytical and fluid-handling systems, was looking to expand its presence in Germany. With MicroCeram, Ceramaret has found a high-quality local partner with a presence in attractive markets and in complementary technologies.

MicroCeram, who employs more than 40 staff, specialises in producing complex components in aluminium and zirconium oxides. This growing company also excels in developing specialist materials tailored to customers’ needs. Seeking a solution for the future development of his company and aware of the challenges posed by a fast-paced market, the founder and owner of MicroCeram, Mr. Mathias Wilde, decided to merge his company with a partner who has the necessary expertise to leverage MicroCeram potential and accumulated experience.

We are looking forward to pooling the resources of Ceramaret and MicroCeram; thus bringing a more extensive range of products and services, as well as higher production capacity to all our customers.

Mr. Wilde will remain in charge of MicroCeram and will join the Ceramaret management team. The commercial organisation will offer both companies' services in a unified manner, without major changes for the time being. In the long term, the workflow between the different sites may be optimised to allow for optimum growth. The quality of our products as well as the punctuality of our deliveries will remain at the extremely high standards our customers have come to expect.

About Ceramaret (

Ceramaret SA, based in Bôle and Courtemaîche in Switzerland, designs and manufactures components from ultra-hard materials, such as advanced ceramics (zirconia, alumina, silicon nitrides and carbides) and synthetic sapphire and ruby. Ceramaret enables its customers and partners to benefit from its decades of experience in the shaping and machining of advanced ceramics and hard materials. Through its activities, it occupies a leading position in the analytical and fluid-handling markets, as well as in watchmaking and some medical markets. Ceramaret became part of the Kowema AG group of companies in 2014.

About MicroCeram (

MicroCeram GmbH is a company based in Meissen, in the heart of a region famed for its ceramic production. Established more than 20 years ago by Mathias Wilde, the company currently employs a workforce of over 40 people. MicroCeram designs and manufactures components in advanced ceramics such as aluminium and zirconium oxides; its products and services portfolio ranges from prototyping customer components through to series production. 


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