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Press release

08 Jun 2020

MicroCeram GmbH is now called Ceramaret GmbH

Following the acquisition in April 2018 by the Swiss based Ceramaret SA, MicroCeram GmbH will be renamed Ceramaret GmbH with headquarters in Meissen as of June 2020. After two years of integrating and synchronizing company processes, the change of name from MicroCeram to Ceramaret GmbH is the next logical milestone in the joint corporate strategy.

Ceramaret GmbH has now more than 60 employees at the Meissen location and specializes in the production of complex parts made of aluminium and zirconium oxide as well as other high-tech ceramic materials. Thanks to the good position of MicroCeram in the takeover and with the help of the pooling of resources and competences in the Ceramaret group, the turnover could grow more than 30% in the last 2 years.

In order to enable the expected further growth, a new production facility with approx. 800 m2 additional production space was put into operation at the Meissen location. The new building is equipped with air conditioning to improve the tolerances that can be achieved by high precision grinding. The investment for construction, equipment and additional processing machines now amounts to more than 2.5 million euros.

In addition to the expanded production capacity and a growing range of services for our customers, the working conditions for our employees were also improved with more spacious production floor, administrative office and social rooms.

Our team at Ceramaret GmbH in Meissen will continue to be available for you. The known telephone and mobile phone numbers as well as bank details remains the same, with changes to the email addresses and the website only.



Ceramaret SA
Rue des Croix 43
2014 Bôle

Phone +41 32 843 8383

Ceramaret GmbH
Ziegelstrasse 9a
01662 Meissen

Phone +49 3521 71955 0