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CERAMARET GMBH - Rapid development for the Meissen site within the Ceramaret Group

by admin essence | Dec 10, 2021

Ceramaret GmbH (formerly MicroCeram GmbH), based in Meissen, Germany, has been active for over 20 years in the manufacture of innovative technical ceramics in growth markets.

Nouvelle halle de production
The new 800 m2 production hall, completed in November 2020

The range of materials offered by Ceramaret GmbH includes both oxide ceramics, such as alumina, zirconia and mixed composites (alumina-zirconia composites / ATZ and ZTA), and non-oxide ceramics, such as silicon carbide and silicon nitride. Ceramaret is renowned for its complex and high-precision ceramic components.

The development of application-oriented materials and designs suitable for ceramics is also part of our offerings. The rapid fabrication of prototypes, the small and medium-sized series production of precision parts and efficient industrialisation for the transition to large-scale production mean that you can count on a reliable partner for all stages of your project.

Nouveaux moyens de production ultra-précis et automatisés
New high-precision and automated production facilities to cope with growth

A wide range of machining techniques ensures the precision and performance of ceramic components for a variety of application areas such as analytical instrumentation, sensors, medical applications, high-temperature applications and the watchmaking, electronics and chemical industries, as well as for research.

Since its integration into the Ceramaret Group, the Meissen site has added a new production hall to cope with the very strong growth of recent years.

Pièce de précision en petite et moyenne série
Machining in the “green” state allows the small and medium-sized series production of precision parts

In particular, we have invested heavily in precision machining equipment so that we can machine our ceramics in the “green” state, which means that the contours of the part are machined before debinding and sintering. This production strategy is a speciality of the Meissen site. It allows a great deal of flexibility for small and medium-sized production runs.

Homes et instruments de mesure
Measuring customer characteristics requires considerable investment in measuring instruments

Ceramaret GmbH is also able to produce technical ceramic parts using CIM (Ceramic Injection Moulding) technology for large-series parts or those with complex configurations.

Producing precision parts that comply with our customers' quality requirements remains one of our priorities. To meet this challenge, considerable human and material resources are invested, particularly in measuring instruments.

Change of CEO at Ceramaret GmbH

Ziegert et Wilde
Andreas Ziegert (left) will replace Mathias Wilde (right) in the management team of Ceramaret GmbH as from 1 January 2022

As from 1 January 2022, the role of CEO at Ceramaret GmbH in Meissen will be taken over by Andreas Ziegert. Andreas Ziegert has been working with Ceramaret for more than 20 years and in recent years has been the production manager. Mathias Wilde, founder of MicroCeram GmbH, now Ceramaret GmbH, and CEO of this company for more than 20 years, will remain in the Group and devote himself to research and development projects.

Our thanks go to Mr Wilde and Mr Ziegert for their collaboration and their contribution to the growth of our company. We wish them every success.

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